Booking Flash for December-January

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Burnin' Love

Fruit with Feelings

Classics Revisited


Whimsical Animals

Fat Liberation

Flash can be booked for arms and legs only.

See below for specific locations.

Flash is booked AS IS,

(unless a 1/2 -inch variation is listed on the booking page).

To book multiple pieces in one day, use the booking widget below. 

To book multiple pieces on different days, please only select one piece per checkout.

Flash Locations

Arm and Leg Locations

A - inner bicep

B - outer bicep

C - inner forearm

D - outer forearm

E - wrist

F - top of hand (only, no palms)

G - top of finger (only, no finger pads or sides)

H - top of thigh (above the knee)

I - back of thigh (above the knee)

J - shin

K - inner calf

L - outer calf

M - back of calf