Can I see the design before my appointment?

Unfortunately… no. Due to the high volume of custom designs most tattoos are drawn the night before the appointment. There will be time before starting the tattoo for small changes. Although it is extremely rare, if a redesign is necessary a reschedule may occur.

Are deposits refundable?

No. Sorry :(

Do I need to bring ID?

YES! Every time that you come you must bring a valid state issued photo ID. Sorry I do not tattoo anyone under 18 even with parent permission.

How do I book a tattoo?

To submit an idea head to the Book tab the day books open (date to be determined). Spaces are limited so the more creative freedom you give the more likely your submission will be chosen. Remember to use inches when measuring the area. I will not copy other tattooers work, so please only refer to my in the reference section.

How much is the deposit?

All deposits are $100. The deposit is non-transerable or refundable. Your deposit comes off the price of the tattoo and is applied the last appointment if you are doing session work.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

Yes, just call Lucky Monkey at 734-623-8200 to reschedule. You MUST rescedule no less than one week before appoinment or risk putting down a second deposit. Please no emailing to reshedule/cancel

Do your tattoos look good on darker skin tones

Yes! to see unedited photos of my tattoos on darker skin tones, please check out the highlight label "all skin tones" in my instagram bio @carrie_metz_caporusso

Can I bring a friend?

Because space is limited, please bring only one friend.

What should i do to prepare for my tattoo?

It best to get a goodnights sleep the night before. Be sure to be hydrated and well fed. Please be clean and on time :)

Can I change my idea?

Ideas can be changed no less than 1 week before the appointment

What days do you work?

Saturday through Tuesday

Are there things you won’t tattoo?

I don’t tattoo religious or cultural designs that I am not a part of. For example: Henna, religious Mandalas, Dream catchers, Ohm symbols, Polynesian Tribal, Hamsas etc. I also won’t tattoo other tattooers or illustrators work, this includes "tattoo ticket" work as well. I will make exceptions for a version of a classical art piece ( Picasso) or a twist on a famous design (Mickey head). I’m also not opposed to doing kids doodles or something a family member drew, and will will take it on a case by case basis